Adventure Time : Finn Love

Adventure Time : Finn Love

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The yellow dog goes in search of his favorite human friend. and must pass 20 different levels to find it. collects the gold and takes flowers with that gold. He gives the flower he bought to his human friend.


Friendship between Finn and jack from adventure time is as big as ever, so when they are separated, they would try to come back as soon as possible together, this is what you are to help our good friend play games provides a new adventure and skill to now this kind of by our team and a cool new game called Finn adventure time conjugal love!

Help Finn find Jack, and everything will be okay!
There are Finns running around on each floor, automatically between one wall and the other, and you need to help him jump over peaks, as well as other obstacles and traps that may arise in the future, and hitting them means dying since the level of starting from scratch again.

Sometimes you have to jump on platforms and tracks. Another reason you jump is to catch the yellow blocks, because the portal only opens when you've collected all those blocks in each level, so you need to reach and enter it to get to the next level.

It's that simple, we're sure you'll have a lot of fun, so start now, and later we want you to check out more new games added here just for you!

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