Among Us Christmas Run

Among Us Christmas Run

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Christmas is coming! Let us collect gifts for the holiday! But there are stoping cars and obstacles stopping us. Avoid them, or collect dwarfs to get a shield. Start running now!


The Christmas Run in the middle of us is a speed game with beautiful 3D graphics and fun cute pea characters. In the context of the Christmas holiday season, have your character race down the road. A place with many meaningful and interesting gifts that you can't miss. However, it has its own dangers, such as the traps ahead that can slow you down. So avoid them. Have fun in this game!

Astronauts and crooks in the Between Us series stop their war just in time for Christmas. Some things interest them more than space flight and endless bickering, at least for now! Gifts, walking in the snow-covered streets, beautiful holiday atmosphere! Would you like to join us? Then jump into this cool install famous game. You'll run around town, collecting gifts and elves. They give you points. However, be very careful - the streets are packed with busy traffic and you should avoid being hit by cars! Merry Christmas to you all!
Christmas is right around the corner, it's one of the most anticipated months of the year, and the characters among us know it. In this case, one of the characters must be run through a city street, crowded with many obstacles, must quickly run to the Christmas dinner, but desperate to help, jump over obstacles, slip disorder or from side to side to achieve the goal, if you like the game of the game among us is to have fun, you between now and we completely free game collection.

The Christmas Run between us is a fun and fun running game where you have to avoid obstacles in the way and run as far as you can achieve a great, online free game! Christmas is coming! But there are cars and obstacles in our way. Avoid them, or collect dwarves to get a shield. Let's collect gifts for the holidays! But there are parked cars...

Long live! Christmas and the happy winter vacation are coming, of course, you need to prepare for it. That is, collecting gifts for friends, family, and close people. Also, in this application, you play the main role of us who carefully and seriously prepare for the holidays, trying to collect as many gifts as possible. However, there are many obstacles in his way, such as cars and hatches. So, you need to be quick, but very careful.

Run the Christmas game as you'll be running and jumping on tracks covered in snow, just like in winter, with your astronauts even wearing Christmas hats. The Droid King wanted to personally present a special gift to the Human Alliance to commemorate the end of the war and the hard-won peace. Because it doesn't understand human tastes and talents, it needs your help to collect and avoid obstacles.

In this merry Christmas season. Our game is over! Endless parkour, rich props, fun street scenes, just this Christmas. On a road full of obstacles, collect Christmas presents along the way and stay on track as best you can. Show what you can do, and have fun! Christmas is coming! Let's be happy together!

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