Among Us Crazy Gunner

Among Us Crazy Gunner

1.3k+ play

You are a cold-blood shooter. Your mission is to kill all stickman with guns. Change window to avoid the bullets and hit back. Improve your equipments in the shop.


Want to play Crazy Gunner? You can play Gunslinger for free among us. It uses HTML5 and requires no installation. Play now! A hero in our midst picks up a gun, turns into a maniacal gunslinger, goes to the city, and begins a desperate duel with the enemy, clicking on the building window to the left to avoid bullets and shooting the enemy to the right

In this game, you must defeat enemies in other buildings!

You are a shooter without second thoughts. Your main goal is to kill all club people with your weapon. Change Windows, away from projectiles and returns. Improve your equipment type in the store.

You're a cold-blooded killer. Your mission is to kill all the club people with a gun. Change Windows to avoid bullets and return fire. Improve the equipment in the workshop.

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