Among Us Space Tasks

Among Us Space Tasks

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Game of tasks inside a ghost spaceship. Complete all tasks to fix your ship, and don't let the enemy catch you! Super fun and exciting game. A great challenge!


In this game, you not only have to show ingenuity but also patience and reflexes to complete all the missions on the ship. It's important to do this quickly and correctly because somewhere in here there's a madman with a knife, ready to attack you. The tasks are varied: dumping garbage, restoring power, destroying asteroids, and so on.

Looking for the same mission in the spacecraft. It's easy to notice them -- they're highlighted in yellow. When you approach them, just click the "Use" button and meet the criteria. For example, in order to complete an asteroid-related mission, you need to destroy 20 asteroids and restore power -- connecting the same color wires.

You've played a lot of games so far, but have you ever tried to complete a space mission to save that cute little creature from an evil space con man? Playspace missions in the best of these games. If not, then try this space mission game between us, because you can't be called a true fan until you complete these challenging missions. The 2D game revolves around a central mission of saving your lovable character from bloodthirsty impostors while performing a variety of other tasks to keep your ship working. The entire competition consists of several engaging mini-games, each with different challenges and different rewards.

If we go into a little bit more detail; Then, the space sausage contains 10 astronauts; Three of them were impostors, the rest were crew members. You don't know who the real villain is, and finding him is the main challenge. This mystery game will satisfy your detective soul and help you show off your survival skills. In addition, if you are not the murderer, you must also remove your name from the list of suspects.

It's a very engaging, fun, and challenging casual game. Complete all missions without being caught by the enemy! Are you ready? Complete the mission in the spaceship and avoid being killed!

To use the item and start the mini-game, you need to approach the highlighted item and click the "Use" button. The threat is a real reaper with a scythe, not some other crew member who might pretend to be you and kill you. When you see a god of death, be sure to run away to avoid being caught by him, because if that happens, you will die and have to start over, but be aware that performing the mission will require you to change the look of your character. Good luck to all of you, we wish you all the best, and we hope you can still come here today and have fun! A character from among us, who survives, must complete all the missions in space! You need to complete all the missions to repair your ship, and don't let the enemy catch you! You can choose different skins for your character from the Avatar menu. Complete all different missions to survive and win.

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