Black Thrones

Black Thrones

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Play as 'Black', an assassin on his last run to redeem himself and protect those he loves against legions of undead on top of an endless wall. Jump over and slide under various obstacles. Have no mercy against every last unyielding enemy standing in your way to boost your score while collecting coins to upgrade power-ups strewn all across the wall.


Game of Black Thrones is a free endless running game. The World of Black Power is at stake, the factions are at loggerheads, and no one is safe. This is your chance to make a quick buck! As a thief, you can make some money out of this mess. All it takes is a quick mind and a quick pace. In this free endless run-style game, all you have to do is survive the great Escape, steal some loot on your way out, and avoid the skeleton guards that stand in your way. Jump pits, slide through Jersey barricades, hack through minions that try to stop you, collect more loot, and stay one step ahead of haters as you run, jump, hack, dodge, and slide to the top of the leaderboard. Black Thorn is an epic endless runner that offers fast gameplay and lots of depth. If you've ever wanted to feel the thrill of a heist and the thrill of running away, then this is the game for you.

Now play Game of Black Thrones!! Accompanying the completion of missions with black characters called Murderers is the undead who won't stop running until they complete levels to enjoy this excellent action-adventure and fighting game only in Kiz10 we have new free games every day. Play 'Black', an assassin on his final run to redeem himself and protect his loved ones against legions atop the undead wall. Jump and slide under various obstacles. Do not pity every ruthless enemy that stands in your path to increase your score as you collect coins to upgrade energy and scatter them on the wall.

In Game of Black Thrones, you're an alone an assassin trying to survive in a winter land occupied by undead soldiers. Sprint along the road, jumping over barbed fences, crates, and other obstacles. Slide down a high fence and kill a zombie warrior with your sword, once and for all. You can recover health and increase points by collecting gold and power-ups.

Game of Black Thrones is a challenging game where you have to complete several objectives. Run along to collect coins, watch the meter, and watch out for dangers and different traps. Cut enemies with your knife and pick up hearts to replenish health. How far can you go?

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