Car Crusher

Car Crusher

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Here is a car-crushing simulation game with three-dimensional game art animation. It is managed for you to crush all the cars at the operation at each level. You could unlock more vehicles with the rewards you acquired. Glad you will have a good time!


Car Crusher is a fun addictive vehicle Crusher game online and free to play. Your new job is basically pushing a button, but it's really interesting to see how much damage one finger can do. Luxury cars will be placed on a platform and you have to crush them into a useless cube.

Built to standard with a 10-foot opening, the OverBuilt car crusher has the highest opening on the market. In addition, it has a crushing force of an astonishing 159 tons.

For every car you crush, you make money and use your money to buy more cars, like a big roller or even a helicopter. Can you crush enough cars to buy every one of them? Find out now and enjoy the car crusher!

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