Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure

Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure

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Up for a fight against rivals in a dynamic race on the highway? Overtake enemies and create your own car in the incubator in Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure! Your friends are put to prison - do everything you can to free evil cars! Good driving skills and turbo speed come in handy in this crazy driving simulator and a police chase game. Become a car tycoon, upgrade cars, and play for monster cars against the cops! Fight the boss to survive in these ultimate crazy races!


Players, are you ready to fight your competitors in the fierce competition on the highway?
In this game, surpass the enemy and create your own car!
Your friend will go to prison and do everything he can to release the evil car!
In this crazy driving simulator and police chase game, excellent driving skills and turbocharged speed will come in handy, becoming a car tycoon, upgrading cars, and fighting the police against monster cars!
Fight the boss and survive in these ultimate crazy games!
Drive the combine at full speed and try to escape hordes of monsters chasing you during the game, where players can explore caves and dungeons in search of gems and fossilized eggs without being caught by mobile guardians of these dangerous places, you can spend gems in the garage to improve armor, turbines, speed, car damage or buy bombs and other gadgets.
In this game, the wild monster truck falls into the dark depths of a mysterious cave, collects monster eggs, and pays attention to the crazy creatures living in this cave. Players must upgrade your weapons and armor to resist giant spiders. Robot scorpions and other mechanical monsters attack, drive through the platform to collect gems, avoid falling rocks, crystal wolftooth sticks and prominent spikes!
Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, players can also press X to supercharge the turbocharger forward, if you have a bomb inventory, please press the spacebar to put it down!
In this game, players need a dungeon adventure ride, through a dark cave, in the dark dungeon to find the enemy, the car must eat the car in order to survive the place, in the dungeon underground trek.
In the game, you must go through all dungeon levels to get off.
You will soon find that you are not alone.
The tunnel guards monsters, they will do everything they can to stop you, use a turntable to cut the enemy on your car, you can collect bombs along the way and destroy everything around you, improve your vehicle, have fun!

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The game is of great reference significance and practical value, but after trying it out, I feel that it needs to be optimized and improved.



Generally speaking, the key position of the game is more comprehensive, this engine sound, the sound is very practical, refreshing!


Point Dexter

On the whole, this game is very good, very test operation, players should control the control of the keys, especially when downhill and uphill!



High praise, this game I like decompression, excitement, fun ha, played several of these games, are boring, although this is not particularly novel in the type, but decompression is really done!



I have played all kinds of games, and this is one of the few games I have seen that can really make me feel relaxed, exciting, happy, no burden, no pressure, purely to relax. I really recommend you to experience it.



This game is actually very good, the higher difficulty is very challenging, the playability is very high, and there are many tricks.



The method of playing and the picture are relatively simple, and it is suitable to pass the time.


Big Daddy

This game is very fun, exciting and interesting, give 5 stars.



Like the game, non-stop , mainly in the game there is a lottery, this is part of what I look forward to, like it.

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