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Castles is a free sandbox game. Jump on into this fun sandbox and do whatever you want.


It's an open-world MMO where you can build, trade, mine, craft, and role-play! Create your dream world, fight, and explore with other players in an active community. Create ideal characters to suit your various styles. It's a fun sandbox where you can do whatever you want. Build, create, communicate and trade with friends from all over the world! Start with your kingdom, rebuild your dream city, and go meet others! The only limit is your imagination!

It's a free sandbox game. Jump into this fun sandbox and do whatever you want. Build, craft, and trade with friends from all over the world! The castle. It's an architecture game with a lot of social elements. Start with your field, make your own, and venture out to meet people! Ask for help in your field, or ask a friend to help you. The only limit is your imagination! Fun sandbox games: Build any building you want: Open world Build, House Build, even mini castle Build games, and contests! Online games: Play with people around the world. 3D free camera, you control the camera!

Jump into the world of QBee and start building and sharing your creative field with friends. It's a game about building and digging blocks, where your imagination is your only limit. Build anything you want; From the largest wizard tower to the most comfortable house. Play with friends, or make new friends online, explore, parkour, build and make.

Mining, construction, farming, and trading! Join players from all over the world. Customize: Make hats and clothes, furniture, and objects! Gain experience, unlock privileges, and complete the mission! From cars to pets, challenges to making recipes.

Customize your character, boy, girl, and many dress-up with hat wings and more! Fresh updates, new updates arrive all the time. From cars to pets! Decorate your character, use blocks to build, make your kingdom and add furniture. Compete at mega-events with multiplayer building competitions, fashion shows, and dress-up games! Add pets and create new areas for open world-building activities. Let your pets follow you, feed them, or just use them as you build your magic kingdom! You can start on your own in your own field, but you can go off and make new friends, do some exploring, and even help friends through co-op play! The next stage of the online construction game! Use castles to create worlds and sell things. Your imagination is the limit! Once you get an MMO level, you can buy and sell bricks, dress up, open a shop, sell things and make money! It doesn't matter if it's not at the time, because it's in the castle.

It's not just about world-building, free building competitions, crafting, or competing online in free parkour games. As one of the best construction games out there, you'll be amazed when you embark on your open-world MMO adventure! Castle buildings will never be exactly the same! It has a huge community of players and mods. So if you have a problem while playing the game, it's easy to ask someone and ask for help. Many players open stores and trade to make money. There are lots of clans and co-op events that you can join, and it's a very social game. Another important feature is racing, where you can race against the clock as well as against other players. There are also big events, usually around festivals. Sometimes they are even collecting and building things, sometimes they are racing. Another favorite activity is farming. You can plant the seeds, watch them grow, harvest the seeds, and upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! You can get better farming equipment, more crops, or even a combine to plow faster! With so much to do, it's easy to become addicted to the game.

You can shape the terrain and build your own world. In your own world, you can mine resources, craft items, create farms, and more. Explore and exploit various lands. Forests, deserts, mountains, arctic landscapes, tropical islands, all open to adventure, with unique biome resources. It's not just about building and exploring. There's a lot of action, too. You are free to drive the car or race. You can also fight other players in PvP wand battles!

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