Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game

Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game

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It's a pretty easy game. If you are a cat lover, you must play this game because you will have the opportunity to cook delicious soup with many cute cats. Cats are so cute when they make soup. You can also decorate a beautiful home for your cat. When you live in a cool house with your cute cat, you automatically forget about all the stress. So this game will give you a chance to heal. Maybe you don't know where your love for cats comes from. But you know you're just a real cat fan. With these adorable kittens, you will start a new life. Technically, this is a low-intensity management game. You don't feel pressured at all. This game will give you a sense of peace. The game's design is also completely off the beaten track. You'll also be pleased with the spectacular graphics. Your heart melted as you watched that cute cat stir the soup. As for skill, the game is pretty simple. In the beginning, you will only have an empty field and a cat companion. You have only one cat to stir a pot of soup. When your cat has successfully made a bowl of soup, you can sell it. As a reward, you will receive a certain number of coins. So when you've sold enough soup, you can upgrade your workspace. Before long, you'll be trying to collect as many cats as possible to chop carrots and other vegetables.

And some cats will be responsible for creating new recipes. So you should never underestimate the cooking abilities of these adorable cats. Although the game is simple, it's easy to get hooked. You just want to stare at these cute cats. The atmosphere of the whole game is also very relaxed. You just immerse yourself in the environment. The game may have a few flaws, but with these cute cats, you'll be willing to overlook them. These adorable cats are so cute when they stir the pot that you want to kiss each one. And every time you feel tired or have nothing else to do, you automatically turn on the game and enjoy some real healing time with your cat. If you are lucky, you will get some treasure chests that may contain many amazing things. If you earn enough gold coins, you can buy hats, clothes, and accessories for your cute cat. You can also speed up your cat's cooking. This way, your cat can sell more dishes in a given amount of time. If your cat is better behaved, you get more gold. If you're willing to watch the ads, you'll get additional gifts. But not all cats are willing to put in the work. They will work by turns. They are not machines. So they need rest and play. Some cats will play on the trampoline. Your cat is so cute when he enjoys recreational activities. So it's equally important to have a trampoline and other recreational facilities for your cute cat.

After playing for a while, you also have a chance to expand the forest to collect more cats. As for upgrading, you don't need to click multiple times. All you have to do is press this button and your cat will automatically upgrade. It's also fun to take pictures of your hard-working cat. The weather also changes from time to time. There are rainy days, snowy days, and sunny days. In addition, there are many achievements. Earn points for selling 50 plates; If you can successfully upgrade your facilities 30 times, you will get another achievement. There are many similar achievements in the game that players need to unlock. Each time you successfully unlock a new achievement, you receive gold and gems. There are also many daily tasks available. This game is really rich. It will take you some time to complete all the collections. There are many different cats for you to collect. There are also different kinds of fish for you to catch. You'll have small fish, rare fish, and legendary fish. Now it's time for you and your adorable cat to embark on a culinary adventure. You'll feel completely relaxed in the company of these adorable cats. You will forget all your troubles and worries.

In a perfect world, you wouldn't be bothered. You can immerse yourself in making a delicious soup with your adorable cat. It's also a great opportunity for you to show off your cooking skills. You and your cat will work perfectly together to make a delicious soup. You'll make a lot of gold by selling this unique soup. Once you have enough gold, you can buy more cats. You can also buy toys, accessories, and other items for your cat if you wish. You can also buy many things from the store to decorate the house. So your cat will have a very comfortable environment to live in. In this forest, your main job is to make soup. So every time you get tired, or when you don't feel like you have enough energy to keep doing what you're doing. You'll find yourself wandering into the forest, having a light soup, and joking with your cat. You'll be amazed at the culinary proficiency your adorable cat possesses. In short, if you are a cat lover, you must play this game. All these cute cats will make you feel very happy and fulfilled! You'll want to keep making soup with your cat all day!

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