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Night Steed Games made this game. EvoWars.io, BrutalMania.io, and MiniGians.io are their other fun and fast-paced .io games. You should check them out as well!


This game is a classic IO game, in which the player will control a monster, which will grow bigger as the player continues to eat food on the grass in the game. As the player absorbs energy in the game, the player will continue to evolve from the smallest level, and the player will constantly challenge other monsters in the game. The player can control the direction of the monster through the arrow of the mouse.
By clicking the left mouse button, let your own monster, waving his weapon, to kill the opponent, the overlord on the living grass!
In this game, players can follow their own excellent performance in the game, so as to get some skin equipment gold coins, etc., players in the game, you can choose your own skin, so that you become beautiful and cool up, this evolution-based combat game, so that players can experience the joy of upgrading the game, trying to become the most powerful ultimate bosses in the arena.
Press and hold the right mouse button to adjust the direction of the sprint!
Be the winner in the game!

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