Commando Sniper

Commando Sniper

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Commando Sniper is a fun shooting game with amazing graphics and 20 unique levels!


Fighting tough army soldiers based on dangerous desert canyon terrain, you become marksman commandos in our latest realistic sniper game! With a real-life sniper rifle at your disposal, you can aim and shoot some of the most powerful rifles to eliminate targets. Go on dangerous missions, take your snipe position, aim for snipe range, and fire! Experience every accurate sniper shot with amazing bullet CAM! Follow the camera slowly and hit the target accurately. Enter the life of the elite Sniper Commando game in action. Make each shot count and hit your target in the right area, otherwise, they'll get an alert and start shooting at your location. Kill your enemies quickly and accurately, or you will fail or die. Improve your sniper skills to get the perfect sniper shot to kill every enemy in a mission like a real sniper. Gamepickle Studios has always focused on making family games for everyone, regardless of age. Our aim is to promote responsible social values and healthy practices in a safe and controlled environment.

Commando snipers in a rural environment looking for an attacker carrying an AK47. The attackers had invaded a rural area in the suburbs and wanted to control it. In Commando Sniper, a sniper kills an enemy using a rifle equipped with a scope. The attackers, armed with AK47 rifles, opened fire on the player commandos from three different locations.
In the first level of commando sniping, the attacker attacks and fires at the player from three different locations. The Rangers beat them down to the second floor.
In Commando Sniper Strike level 2, attackers come out in armed vehicles and shoot the player one by one. Vehicles cannot be destroyed, which makes the game more difficult.
In a level 3 commando sniper, the attacker drops to the ground by helicopter and parachute. If it's in a parachute, it can still be fired by the commandos.

One man, one army, one war. You, the only and last commando left in the field as a master assassin with sharp marksman skills command the elite force. Your Army base has been taken hostage by terrorists as a commando -- angry, lonely, and the last surviving commando a renegade attack on a ruthless terrorist organization, you are trapped on the front lines desperately return a goal to kill every hostage in this intensely lonely portrait and rescue commando sniper shooting!

Armed combat breaks out at a military base where your top commandos are taken hostage during a brutal training game of terrorism. Only you, the most elite sniper in the class, after a swat team training professionals with front line team training completion and a battlefield veteran soldiers, take the head and kill shot, can complete the high skill of shooting the head, the commandos to save your partner, in the loneliness and the commandos sniper gunmen kill terrorists, to save the world, It's one of the most intense freemium games in first-person shooters!

This hostage-taking and commando sniper mission is fraught with danger. Unlike many first-person shooters, Lone and Last Commando Sniper Shooters require a quick brain and a quick trigger finger. Take out the terrorist strike team's military base, but be careful! The enemy commandos massed the military base with hostages. Perform headshots and kill all terrorists, but avoid shooting hostage commandos accidentally. Only a single commando Deadshot and sniper elite will survive in this deadly first-person shooter!

Become the Silent sniper in 20 different and unique levels! Commando Sniper - a first-person shooter game with good weapon mechanics and perfect slow motion after the last shot. You have a limited amount of ammo. Aim well so you don't miss it. Take the snipe challenge and destroy all targets.

Are you ready to save your villagers from the horrors of your enemies? Do you have enough power to kill all the terrorists with one sniper in your hand?

Play free assault sniper. If so, then try your combat and shooting skills in this 3D game. The central theme of this shooter is to protect your village and its inhabitants from a clandestine invasion by terrorists. Therefore, in this shooting game, you must play the role of a hero, saving innocent lives and fighting against the oppressor. Your only weapon is a sniper, which you must use carefully. Remember, this online shooter isn't just about aiming at the enemy from a distance. You also have to make sure you don't fire on the villagers. In addition, 3D graphics and easy to learn game modes are very helpful in achieving your goals. No matter what the challenge is, the game is still fun and adventurous to play and you are sure to love it!

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