CraftMine - Ultimate Knockout

CraftMine - Ultimate Knockout

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Minecraft themed online mobile multiplayer racing and winning game. Pass a lot of people and be the winner of the first stage. then trust your memory and beat stage 2. Survive the 3rd stage the most and win the game.


Do you like obstacle racing? Are you a real athlete? This game will test your skills to avoid obstacles in competition with many other players!! Have fun with this new Minecraft-style game full of adventure and fun.
Minecraft-themed online mobile multiplayer racing and winning game. Through a lot of people, become the first stage win. Then trust your memory and beat stage two. Survive the most in stage 3 and win the game.

Whenever there is a new and terrible Minecraft online game, our team can share it with you, you can bet that we do so, this is why, at this moment our team invites you to play CraftMine eventually knocked out, this is also a new multiplayer racing game this category, so you are a new and fresh experience, You won't forget any day soon!

Play against cube players from around the world and win!
In this game, you will control a classic "Avatar" my Steve, you will race against other players from around the world, you need to give it all the obstacles to reach the first, or, at least, in the first place, after which you advance to the next round.

Game after game, until the last game, we want you to win the game. There will be moving obstacles and traps, some of them static, but avoid them at all costs! To move your character, you can use the arrow keys, it's as simple as that!

Enter the name you want to be known by, hit Play, and then start giving the game your best, with our hope to see you play more of our new games every day!

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