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Start building and show the world your best game and constructions. Crafting and Building is a free game for the whole family: from kids, boys and girls, to adults. The gameplay: Gameplay: Learn how to build your house in a castle or in a mine. Decorate your house with your mates ' furniture and your own eyes. Learn more and more, and you will never be able to build massive castles and temples! Exploration: Tired of human beings, huh? Play with your dogs, please! Take a dog or a mouse, take a horse! Unlike in other titles, there are no monsters involved in designing and constructing. Play with your friends: Start exploring! You can visit the world that was built by your friends! Who's got the biggest structure? Check if they finished their new castle and give them a hand, they'll pay you back later! Multiplayer is really a lot of fun! Many block types: There are many square sorts extending from grass square to precious stone and even sanctuary stone. You have numerous choices with regards to building your realm. Crafting and Building is an innovative free building game where you can play with pets, start an incredible construction and play multiplayer games.


To play CrazyCraft in sandbox games, you need to build and drive cars with friends around the world, multiplayer and single player.

CrazyCraft is a multiplayer game that shoots and crafts similar to Minecraft games, sandboxes, and more, customizing your character with military or mercenary skins or adding custom clothing to the head, you can generate a cube with different textures for Minecraft Education Edition, build your home and garden and then save it as you can To invite your friends to join the map with the assets created in front, selecting any dataset press Q will show you a menu, you can choose what you want, you can choose a gun, shoot multiple people, destroy houses all over the world, have your weapons and play with friends in this like "I am free. You can use the radio when you drive. Have fun!

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