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Doodle your way to victory in this creative building game inspired by skribbl.io. Build your creation according to the theme - let your imagination go wild! You can buy more blocks to use in the shop - simply press B or the icon in the bottom left corner. Once you’ve perfected your build, you will see what everyone else has built. Vote on your opponent’s builds - and they will vote on yours. Don’t give out too many Poops! The more votes you have, the better you do, so try to get as many as possible. May the best doodler win!


Have fun drawing in the multiplayer online world, use your creativity to build a pixelated cube world, and enjoy this inspired game! Players, in this game, let your imagination run wild! Ever imagined a game like Minecraft, but didn’t you continue to grieve, dig and try to survive? In this excellent social game DoodleCube IO, build various things according to the given theme and show your creativity!

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An amazing and interesting game, I love it very much! Ha ha




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