Drunken Table Wars

Drunken Table Wars

2.2k+ play

The Drunken series continues with table wars. Try to draw the table to your area. Play single player mode or 2 player mode! To win, you should defeat your opponent 5 times. Objects falling on the table can affect the matches. Come on, hold the table!


This game is a fun one-button game, suitable for single player, or two players, you have to pull the table to the side of the field to score and defeat the opponent. Spend all your savings, get as drunk as possible and destroy your living room with friends to play the free online version of the dumbest duel in the world! Invite friends to see who rules this spectacular subject, or just challenge the CPU. Your goal is to pull the table to your side. Various objects, bombs and heavy objects that fall on the table can change the advantage, as quickly as possible Press and pull the table onto yourself! Press the button as fast as possible, the game can be played on 1 player and 2 players, enjoy this free online game drunken table battle! Fun drunken game series! A simple one-button game, the first player to get five stars will win the game!

Each round has its own unique situation or event. This is the result of both characters being drunk. The "events" in each round are random. Sometimes, the heads of both characters will swell, making the two incarnations more intense. Heavy, other times, the game will place a bomb or something on the top of the table, you only need your opponent to step on your side to get a point. Unfortunately, the same thing can be said to your opponent, so you better pay attention to your steps!

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