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Welcome to Ducklings!You're a duck now.Swim around and search for lonely lost ducklings.By bringing back ducklings you'll be rewarded with upgrades to your nest and new hats!Relax, swim around and have fun.


Duckling game is a magic duck big combat leisure game, there are ducks, rowers and boats, as well as nests in the pond, in which players have to play the role of ducks in the game, avoid ships, save the ducks, upgrade your nest, and download the duckling game experience if you like!
It's time to relax, player. You're a duck now, quack!
Swim around, rescue as many ducklings as possible, avoid reckless ships, they will hurt you, by getting more ducklings, to upgrade your duck nest, players need to lead the ducklings back to the nest and become the most cool nest in the pond!
The painting style in this game is very lovely and exquisite, rowing in the water, rescuing dry ducks, ducks have nests, upgrade duck nests!

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Like this game about ducklings, very special, the most need to be careful in the game is the boat in the game!



In this game, there are many different ways to play the game, one is that you can find one by yourself, and the other is that you can intercept other people's ducklings.

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