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Survive the longest by not falling down. Kick your opponents off the platforms. Improve your play with clever strategies!


Fallen Brothers is a free igame. Welcome to malignant, eat brother, brother, brother, you want to improve your elbow the world if you want to live with the rest of the world's first contact others brother just want to hold you and love you at the foot of the ball when the victory of the charger. In this game, there is only one winner, who can avoid obstacles most accurately, wins. Jump gaps, avoid sliding doors, dodge falling bricks and nails, physically check your way to the front of the queue if you want to grab the crown and go for glory. Ultimate Fallen Guy experience for the Web: Fallen Brothers!

Fall brothers arrives crazy, survival is part of the adventure and madness, and you'll have to deal with some beautiful creatures to save their lives, no matter what the cost! Join this adventure to become a viral game and enjoy this and many other free online games at kiz10.com.
Facing many other players in the world, the only way to reach victory will face wave after wave of creatures and deadly traps willing for you, it's hard to avoid all obstacles as accurately as possible, jump over cliffs, avoid door sliders, Dodge, bricks and manage to capture crown glory! Survive as long as possible to avoid falling into the void and driving your opponent off the platform.

He lives longest without falling. Kick your opponent off the platform. Use smart strategies to improve your game!

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