Fall Friends Challenge

Fall Friends Challenge

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Fun and colorful races on different race areas await you in the Fall Friends Challenge game. The aim of the game is to advance in each race without being eliminated. Of course, this is not as easy as it seems; because there are many obstacles, traps and rivals. You can play the Fall Friends Challenge game against 1 Player online / bot opponents, or against your friend in 2 Player mode. Y ou can unlock new skins and characters with the coins you get with game achievements.


Fall Friends Challenge is a multiplayer game that provides players with interesting moments and has a multiplayer game feature that can challenge you at all levels. In this running and jumping game, play to the finish line alone or with friends. More than 10 obstacle courses feature brightly colored floors and traps. This is a heart-pounding challenge you want to take part in. Start with 30 players and get the qualification to knock you off the screen by running and jumping in the explosive floor, rotating beams and fans. Once you are eligible, you can proceed to the next round. Collect diamonds to give your avatar eight different appearances. Show your best while winning each course. When you try to hit and squeeze other contestants to the checkered flag, its chaos as a big bouncing ball provides you with an additional challenge. Through the ragdoll mechanism, the game has a unique animation, which will be triggered when some danger hits you. You can even use it to your advantage, if the odds are against you, you can use this strategy. This game will provide you with hours of enjoyment accompanied by comedy music. In this fantastic running game through wonderland, play wild and chaotic races with friends or players from all over the world, the Autumn Friends Challenge! The simple design of this game proves that you don't need high-end graphics to make the game fun. So be prepared, because you will encounter a lot of bumps on the road, but nothing is sweeter than victory!

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