Falling Down Stairs

Falling Down Stairs

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Jump off the stairs and control the center of gravity. This is a bottomless spiral ladder where you and your opponents will compete for the ultimate winner. Pay attention to acceleration props and avoid obstacles on the way. This will be the best way for you to defeat your opponents.


Falling Down Stairs is a fun and addictive distance game where dummies fall Down endless Stairs. You can play the game online or for free at Silvergames.com. If you're tired of simple cars on a race track, runners on an obstacle course, or any other uninteresting option in this genre, why not push a dummy down the stairs and see how far it can go? Sure, you have to move it to avoid falling out of stairs or bumping into objects, but it's more fun to watch it roll over and over again.

Move falling dummies from side to side to avoid obstacles and try to bump other dummies to push them out of the race. Try to set the highest score possible, become a professional stair climber, or whatever you want to call this weird adrenaline-pumping discipline. Have fun playing Fall down the Stairs!

How long can you roll down this giant staircase? See how far you can go. This strange Rag Doll game may never end. Run past your opponent and roll down a giant staircase. When you aim at the accelerator, avoid obstacles and edges. What are your goals? Fall as long as you can!

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