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This game will make you a real fighter! Gather your friends, choose your character and upgrade their equipment and special attacks. Prove to everyone in the world that you are the best fighter. Online fights with other fighters, unique attacks for every character, combos, jumps and rolls, fireballs, frost spells and lightning. Complete the Challenges mode where you have to show your skills. Features: - Punches, kicks, combos, jumps, foot sweeps, super attacks. - Baseball bats, Bo, Daggers, protective plates, and so on. - Online fights against other players (PvP) and against bots. - Special tasks in Challenge mode. - Various battle arenas. - Highscore tables.


Fighting Arena Online is an engaging 3D multiplayer fighting game where you can fight as one of many powerful characters. You can play this game online, start fighting other players from around the world, and prove what you need to get into the secret tribe of black Ninjas to execute some amazing attack combinations.

Play and enjoy this new Battle Arena online game as a character who wants to fight in a medieval world where many other players from around the world will try to take you down, using your fists to fight anyone who wants to take you down!! Play this fighting game, if you are searching for fighting games, we have the best collection of free fighting games. Fighting Arena Online is a 3D multiplayer fighting game that allows you to combine punches and kicks to defeat other opponents.

Fighting Arena Online is a 3D multiplayer fighting game that allows you to beat other opponents with a combination of punches and kicks. In the game, your mission is to learn three fighting styles, collect the best weapons, and challenge the strongest fighters. The world is on the brink of an epic war. The powerful power unleashed by the Shadow Gate years ago has become a weapon, and the Legion Sentry wants to destroy this dangerous force. Get ready for action, battle mighty warriors, continue your thrilling adventures in a world ruled by mysterious forces and create your own personal style of fighting. Your hero can fight like a crafty ninja or a mighty knight, are you ready? Defeat powerful bosses, challenge your old enemies and then explore other worlds.

Fight like a madman inside this action-packed 3D brawl with boxing gloves. Punch, kick, or do a somersault to defeat your opponent in the battle arena online! The first rule of fight club? We're not talking about fight club!

The online fighting arena puts you in the middle of the brawler. Put on your gloves and cause me pain. Knock out your opponent by punching and kicking him. Somersaults and jumps to avoid devastating attacks. String combos as you are familiar with hitting some video game characters. Pick your nameless character, fill his inventory, and make him a harbinger of pain. In a mysterious team, you and other combatants will complete detailed levels in a never-ending battle. There was a crunch of bone and a triumphant appearance. 1 on 1 Maybe the fight you want, but don't be surprised when four or more players join your fight club. Pass the rankings and declare yourself king of the mountain - no rest for the action. You can continue to hit people on the brawler and take names. Create your account to earn coins and experiences. You can use the online currency to improve players' inventory, which gives you a better chance. Pick up money from fallen enemies, make them flash on the leaderboard, and get a black eye and a hematoma. Fighting Arena online provides you with non-stop action to fight difficult.

Fighting Arena Online is a 3D realistic fighting game. It's like Street Fighter, but instead of 2D, it's 3D.

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