Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

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An addicted hypercasual game, simple to control, nice design, fun and relax-able. PLAY NOW!



This is a simple and difficult game, the game players must control a chubby bird, across the obstacles made up of different lengths of water pipes, easy to use, but it is not easy to go through customs, in this game, players need to use a finger to control, click the left mouse button, the bird will fly up, constantly click will continue to fly high, relax fingers, it will fall rapidly.
So players have to control the bird to fly forward, and then pay attention to avoid the uneven pipe on the way, after the game starts, click on the screen, to remember that there is an intermittent click on the screen, do not let the bird fall, try to maintain peace of mind, do not hit too hard, try to watch the bird, the score of the game is, the bird safely through a post and does not hit is 1 point, of course, directly hang up.
There's only one life.

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Big Daddy

Fun and interesting, the key lies in the game bird height control, each click in the game, the bird will rise a height, this height is fixed, simple game play, but it is really very test me.



The picture of this game is still very clear, the lovely degree of the picture, I like it very much, but what impresses me most is the difficulty of the game, the game is simple, but it is really difficult, I tried several times, but did not pass a few, so sad! I hope my control of clicks will be more accurate.

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