Fox Simulator

Fox Simulator

2.6k+ play

Create your own fox and go in search of adventure. A large location with forest, rivers, fields and farms is available for research. Hunt for animals, make a family, improve your fox and your family members. Do different tasks and become stronger. Find out what it means to be a fox in the new Fox Family 3d animal simulator. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberGoldfinch Have fun in the new Fox Family Simulator!


In this game, the player will play a fox and rush into a new adventure!
For the first time, choose from three playable foxes!
Hunt for food in the forest, support the family, attack the farm for berries and delicious livestock, the game has a realistic simulator, there are 3 foxes to play, while the player's fox can fight against dangerous boss, improve your cubs, customize your fox, upgrade the fox level, earn stars, and upgrade buff, doll physics, the game has realistic dynamic weather, seasons and day / night cycles.
And a large number of realistic 3D environments, different types of animals, dozens of enemies.
This game is a simulation game with animal simulation as the background, in which the player has to play a fox to travel everywhere from desert to glacier to start an adventure. What will you encounter?
Let's try it!
The game has excellent 3D graphic design, real simulation environment, and rich animal characters, to meet various challenges, and upgrade themselves, after the upgrade speed and strength significantly increased!

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The game has a good painting style, modeling, formal movements, and a great physics engine.



You can first find a companion, another fox, up to the level can mate to give birth, this is faster, a way of the game, in the game, this is feasible.



There are many animals on the map that can give you a brush level to kill, but foxes can't be killed, because that's the NCP for your task!



When the task of the first fox is finished, you can go to the other fox, where there will be a task. Don't fool around with a fox, you have to find a job on your own.



The picture quality is good. I like the game very much.



The painting style really poked my cocoa love, especially the bear in the game, it really poked my laughing point, it was so funny, especially when walking on two legs, it was as funny as it needed to be.


Big Daddy

The painting style and game type given by the four stars, the neat interface layout is very clean. It's a good game on the whole, you can have a try.



On the whole, it still looks pretty good, very cute. Boast production team.



The painting style is very lovely, and all kinds of scenery in the game are very good, but I feel a little dark. I hope the game can be brighter.



This is a very interesting game, playing unwittingly time flows away.




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