Golf Battle

Golf Battle

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The ultimate mini golf battle! Become King of the golf battle match! The perfect Golf Game for Casual Players, play online on mobile or PC!


The most exciting multiplayer mini golf game battle! Challenge real players from all over the world and make it to the top! Gather your friends and play 1V1 or up to 6 Facebook friends together. Super simple controls. Fun and intuitive gameplay. Fight with your friends in golf! Play your friends over 120 + mini-golf courses in this exciting multiplayer PvP golf game, play to more than 6 friends beat you at the same time, the battles of mini-golf course to play golf with your friends and the same course, watching them in real-time display your friends your impressive golf club and customize the ball is easy to start - the perfect golf game leisure Players play live online multiplayer matches on beautiful golf courses around the world! - Collect and club upgrades and custom balls - Show your amazing skills in lucky challenges and win great prizes - experience huge slides, big jumps, crazy flips, cold ice tubes, wild rivers, strong winds, and other obstacles - play, progress & unlock lots of cool levels to come in & Join the Minigolf Party! Innovative 6 players online multiplayer game. Play in real-time with real players around the world. Play with your friends. Just one, or up to six! Relax and aim in classic mode. Simple, intuitive controls. A fun, addictive game. Fancy club. Nice 3D graphics. Win prizes and powerful golf gear. Unlock and upgrade your club. Through 120+ holes, courses and levels are upgraded and improved. A clean green awaits you in the pine forest. Look forward to straight mini-golf action from start to finish. The Rockies are like golf in the desert, but you're actually playing golf in the Rockies! The dry track must avoid dangerous bunkers and moving objects if you don't want to fall behind. Are you the king of golf?

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