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In this adventure set in space, the spaceship crew organizes a tournament for some fun. Would you like to participate in this tournament? You have to run non-stop on the hexagonal panels on the special three-storey platform prepared with artificial gravity, you will fall down when you stop or slow down. Because every hexagon you touch disappears in about a second, you have to stay in this fun arena as long as possible. You have the right to fall twice. When you fall for the 3rd time, you lose the game. You can play the game alone or with a friend in 2-player mode.



Hex A Mong is a fun 3D running and jumping game for 2 players, where you can control the characters in the popular Among Us. Play this game for free, are you ready to adventure in the hexagonal universe? In this adventure that takes place in the depths of space, it is a tradition for the team members to participate in a game led by the sage. In this game with only one winner, you must try not to fall on the six-layer hexagonal platform, otherwise you will lose. Beware, the hexagon will disappear within a second. The player is in the game, against many other characters, or challenge one of your best friends. The player, your goal is to continue running on the ground composed of hexagons. They will fall when someone touches them. There are three reasons, so when you fall, you have two chances to survive, keep running and jumping, and try to avoid falling. Have fun playing Hex A Mong!

Hex A Mong is a typical multiplayer arcade game with 3D cartoon game art animation. No matter which floor you are on, it will allow you to stay on the platform. If you think you are good at PVP mode, you can start survival mode with nine other players. Keep calm and run fast at Hex A Mong!

In this space-based adventure, the spacecraft team arranged a game for some good times. Your goal is to keep running on the ground made up of hexagons and fall off as soon as someone touches them. Keep running and jumping, and try to avoid falling. Because every hexagon you touch will disappear within a second, so you must stay on this interesting stage as long as possible. When you fall down for the third time, you lose, a fun 3D running and jumping game!

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