Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway

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Jump into the world of Hotel Hideaway: a social online 3D role playing game full of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Dress to impress and stand out from the crowd with an abundance of stylish clothing, items and accessories. Customise your room with a variety of furniture items and decorations. Learn secret gestures and dance moves - and then party into the early hours!



This is a social online 3D role-playing game, in this game, full of opportunities to meet new friends and make new friends. The hotel is a vibrant and energetic world, full of social adventures and fun activities!

Players can wear a wealth of fashionable clothing, items and accessories in the game, which will impress people and stand out from the crowd. Customize your room with various furniture and decorations, learn secret gestures and dance moves, and then join a party in a unique public room! No matter what you like to spend your time doing, Hotel Hideaway is your best choice. There are a lot of fun and secrets waiting for you to discover, so come and make sure other guests recognize your name! In this game, players can have a completely unique style. Players can create and customize your 3D avatar. Use a lot of clothing, accessories, hairstyles, jewelry, facial items and even tattoos to customize your avatar down to the smallest details!

Players can fully reflect your own personal style in your avatar, or go overboard with heinous costumes. The clothing combinations are endless! Players even express yourself, your style and your mood by creating your own clothing from hundreds of different clothing items and colors, from formal to casual, from streetwear to fantasy clothing, and everything in between Of everything, there is always one suitable for everyone!

Customize and decorate your room, use a variety of furniture and decorations to design and customize your own hotel room! Turn your room into an epic family gathering paradise for you and your friends, or away from the bustling corridors and public rooms of the hotel, and become a private place for rest and relaxation. , Place each item and choose the color scheme that best suits the room design of your own dreams.
Regularly release new furniture!

Socialize and make new friends, chat with other guests and form a tribe. Making new friends and influencing others is the only way to become the most popular guest! Complete daily tasks with your friends to get rich rewards, explore the hotel with other guests and discover hidden secrets, show off your sense of fashion, and become an idol among your companions!
Jump into the unique world of Hotel Hideaway and leave your mark!

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