Imposter Galaxy Killer

Imposter Galaxy Killer

3.3k+ play



Imposter Galaxy Killer is a funny puzzle game. You have a task to kill bad guys in galaxy. It is made for yourself, those who love brain hacking games and those who love puzzles.



The brand new Imposter Galaxy Killer game, players in this game, you must be very careful to win every duel and get the highest score, win one level after another to complete the challenge, dear children will be in space, you must Use the mouse to play this new fighting game for boys. At the beginning of the game, you will get a very brief tutorial on how you should play. After this, the player will pass the game very quickly to complete your challenge!

An interesting puzzle game. Players, your mission is to kill the bad guys in the galaxy. Your mission in this game is to kill the bad guys in the galaxy. Players you need to draw lines to kill enemies and collect points. Observe each level carefully, carefully drawing the path the weapon must follow to eliminate your opponent. Players, do you have enough courage to face this dangerous invasion? Break your brain and have fun!

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good game



i love this wonderful game and other games.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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