Impostor Killer

Impostor Killer

3.5k+ play

Sneak around the level killing all of the imposters to complete each stage. Avoid detection or it is game over and you will have to try again in this fun online Among Us themed game.


An interesting but scary strategy game, when you try to kill all impostors without being detected, sneak through the maze, avoid being found in this interesting online game, walk around in stealth mode, try to complete all the levels, walk around, hide, and then kill each impostor, an interesting online "us" theme game, have fun!
You need to find impostors and beat them quickly. There are many ways to find impostors, such as hiding, checking glasses, and using help. If you want to survive, kill all impostors!
Don't forget to use useful items to overcome the challenge!
Click to move on the ship, kill the crew and destroy objects, and when you kill everyone without being noticed, the level is complete, easy to play, and players can control with one finger, from simplicity to countless challenges of experts!
Do you think you can catch the impostor in the crew soon?
More than 150 impostors are currently on your ship.
Do you want to live?
Beat them all.
Continue to hunt down the impostor until you catch the last one. Let's experience it together.

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So far, it's really good, and I'm proud to make it! I am very friendly now, thank you for this game!



This is so cool! This game is very interesting! I don't care when I like it, I like this game at this time, the skin is very cool, I think I will play this game for a long time!

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