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Kumu's Adventure

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Start your journey in a far future continent, where magic and tech rule the world. Explore the dangerous wilderness with your team of adventurers. Kumu's Adventure is a strategic rogue-like rpg with fast and fun turn-based combat and evolving exploration. Build and improve your camp and equip your leader and your heroes in order to discover the truth of the ancient Immet Empire ruins and free the land from the evil Sartre Tribe.


Kumu's Adventure is a rogue-like RPG with fast and fun turn-based combat and ever-evolving exploration. Begin your journey in the distant future on a continent where magic and technology rule the world. Explore the dangerous wilderness with your expedition.

Kumu's adventure is full of excitement! In this extraordinary world of magic and technology, you have serious work to do to find peace again. You need real courage to defeat your enemies and save your friends. Your team is preparing to take action against other animals and monsters who come against harmony. Will you survive?

There is a long and difficult road ahead. You and your team will need a car to start your journey, so the first thing to do is repair old land vehicles. The goal of this game is to empower your team, save friends, improve your equipment, and when you pass the level, finally prepare to attack the enemy! Read the instructions carefully, they will give you guidance. You can skip the dialogue between the characters. First, you'll find yourself making the tools you need for your car at base camp. The journey will take you into the first battlefield, and once you defeat the enemy, other areas will begin to open up. Develop a strategy, use your position close to the enemy, and prepare to attack. You can only play this game with a mouse. Don't forget to check the fuel at the bottom of the screen.

Alex and Kidd have just arrived at an old camp with dusty machinery that looks like it hasn't been used in years. Help them reboot and run everything before they embark on their first journey in this strategy RPG.

Their friends needed their help, so they had to hurry. No one knew where Barkford had gone. There were probably some dire wolves in hot pursuit! Get ready for plenty of turn-based battles as you set out to rescue them, find fuel, find ancient coins, track down more technology, and much more! When you use your resources wisely, you also need to repair machines and vehicles.

Kumu's adventure will send you into a wilderness region filled with dangerous enemies and ancient treasures for an epic adventure with Kidd and his friends. Follow them and see if they make it back alive!

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