Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake

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Little Big Snake is a massive multiplayer io game in which your goal is to be the biggest snake of them all!


This is a classic game, detour in the game, complete tasks, improve skills, destroy other players, devour the nectar and energy left by opponents, increase your size, skills and abilities, when you evolve into the ultimate little serpent, smash your food chain, challenge other players to become the biggest snakes in the pit every day, you have to besiege enemies, make them kill you, and eat the delicious nectar left behind them.
Collect keys, artifacts and other items to unlock levels, quests and allies, in this game, with exquisite and exquisite game scenes, give you unparalleled visual effects!
Enrich different game level challenges, give you an incomparably wonderful and exciting experience!
All kinds of snake skin and props, make gold coins unlock more fun!
This game features the integral Rank ladder system mode, competing for rankings with players around the world!
Slide with your fingers to control snake eaters, players in the game, try to eat them to bite your enemies, this game is about the law of the jungle, become the top of the food chain, do not be too eager to eat other snakes, stability and speed is very important, small snake is the ultimate snake mobile game, welcome to play

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Simple and interesting, needless to say, very simple, eat energy, the other is to surround the small snake, let their own snake eat, a good and fast game!


Tiny Toes

Different colors of snakes, patterns of snakes, are very distinctive, a lot of colors!



i play it and i wus the smallist snack and i killd like the bigist snack a saw



if your the same colerl wth 1 snack you can go other the other snack

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