Love Balls 2D

Love Balls 2D

1.7k+ play

It's time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls! The rule's easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination.


Let players experience interesting challenges in simple scenes, need to let two small balls meet together, this game contains rich levels, but also feel a variety of interesting connotations, the game screen style is very simple, including rich levels, players need to help small balls meet, complete all hidden challenges!
It's time for the two lovers' balls to meet!
Players must draw lines and let two love balls meet. In this game, to play Aki, you must solve puzzles and use your skills to organize a lover party. The game has many different levels to play for everyone. The game has many interesting puzzles. Free games are free to draw gray lines. Lines are the only way to pull two small balls together and make rational use of the terrain to break through.
Each level has a different terrain, you can choose, to test the player's operation skills is the purpose of the game, horizontal style to break through the game, and the game will indefinitely bring more fun level challenges for players.
There are many minimalist-style puzzle games. In order to increase the playability of the game, many games will choose to make complicated or various rules. Most of the rules will imprison the player's mind in a small space inside the game in disguise, and follow the rules step by step. After clearance, or even after a large number of online strategies come out, you may say, "Oh."
It turns out that "it is so," but many players will not want to go back to play it again. The idea is to give the player the simplest rule, that is, the most basic worldview of the game, and the rest of the space is left to the player-- the line drawn by the player. can be the most intuitive.
All kinds of painting methods point to the setting of broad freedom. If you play the same hurdle again, you may not remember how to draw it in the first place, but painting again will be a different method. There are no two identical fingerprints, and no one can guarantee that the ideas are the same twice. Although freedom can enlighten the player's mind, it can also be irrelevant.
Some levels are really difficult, nonsense typesetting, people can not help but want to measure with a ruler, use a calculator to calculate the perfect path, gradually, players may find a variety of ways to deal with it, but still can not avoid watching the small black line leisurely out of the screen leaving a regrettable tail.

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What a lovely painting style. I like it very much.



Is it the cat that will follow us to learn to talk, and the voice is still very cute? look forward to it.



great game

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