Mermaid Princess 2d

Mermaid Princess 2d

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting a real underwater city, where a beautiful mermaid princess lives? Embark on an amazing under sea adventure and live a mermaid life with our mermaid games free for girls with levels!


Play Mermaid Princess 2D in these free girl games. Have you ever wondered what an underwater city would look like? Try our girl games and fun princess Mermaids.

Mermaid Princess 2D is a great free girl game that you can play with your mermaid princess in beautiful city water. Amazing adventures await you to try our Mermaid. Get to work and help the fish get into the water. Use mouse interaction and fun underwater to help any animal. Have fun in these girls' games for free!

Step on an amazing undersea adventure and live the life of a girl with a level-free mermaid in our Mermaid Game! Dress up salon Mini game Hidden Object game Cleaning game Decorating game Doctor game.

Dear children, Mermaid 2D is a new game in which you must demonstrate your knowledge of ocean fish. To give them the treatment they need to heal as quickly as possible. Also, find the right costume for the mermaid princess

In this game, you need to go through five steps to successfully complete the game. In the first step, you must add fish and decorate the princess aquarium. But be careful, because to add certain fish or certain landscapes, you have to watch certain videos to unlock them. In the second step, you will have to help the princess mermaid find a perfect costume. Here, if you want certain clothes, you have to watch a video to unlock them.

In the third step, you must take care of the fish from the aquarium in the hospital. Here, you have to treat them one by one and give them the attention they need. You'll need to take their temperature, give them the necessary injections, or clean up the dirt they've accumulated in the aquarium. Once you've finished caring for the fish, you can move on to the next step. In step 4, you must find hidden objects because they will use you in the last step of the game. You can only get two hints. Use them only when you need them. In the final step, you have to clean the aquarium, release the fish caught in the net, and X-ray the aluminum cans they swallowed.

When you successfully complete all phases of the game, it will complete successfully. We hope you enjoy this game and invite you to discover other games on our website. Have fun.

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