Minecraft Apple Shooter

Minecraft Apple Shooter

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Fun Minecraft Arrow shooting game. Shoot the apple and have fun. If you hit Steve the game is over.


Minecraft Apple Shooter is a 2D Shooter. Shoot apples with a bow. My world boys believe you! Do not shoot him, as this will kill him and the game is over immediately. Count each shot you take.

Minecraft Apple Shooter is a game for anyone who likes a challenge. You must be a skilled shooter to win the game. If you're not, don't worry, because you will be. The game only has 11 levels, but they're really hard. The first one is for beggars. Learn how to shoot. Other levels contain obstacles. These barriers are moving. Would you shoot the apple instead of the boy? Enjoy Minecraft Apple Shooter in your browser for free.

Fun Arrow shooting game in Minecraft. Shoot apples. Have fun. If you hit Steve, the game is over. Every day of the week, on our website, dear Kids can see which are the most fun and exciting games for boys. In this new challenge named Mineblox Apple Shooting, you will see how much fun you can have through this new shooting game.

This will be a new online shooter for boys where you have to be very careful and focused as this will be the only way to score points and beat your goals in each round of the game.

You can see how much fun you can have through this new adventure game because it's a very special shooting ability game, Steve "I'll be one of your goals and you'll find him with an apple over his head in every round of the game.

The arrows that you will use as weapons will be controlled using the mouse through the challenge, so you have to be very careful and focused as this is the only way you will be able to unlock the next level before shooting apple's arrows to complete the final challenge.

Steve Minecraft must be healthy through the whole challenge in order for you to win at the level. Make sure apple has the arrow over his head but not Steve Minecraft in order to get points, you'll find the challenge of being the best player you'll ever be, and many other 2020 Minecraft game boys will continue to appear on our site. Have fun!

Shoot an apple from your friend's head with a bow in an apple, a classic game! The game consists of multiple rounds of archery. You want to shoot an apple off your friend's head. With each success, the distance increases. But be careful: If you shoot your friend, the game is over!

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