Minecraft World Adventure

Minecraft World Adventure

7.6k+ play

Minecraft World Adventure is fun and addicting online game suitable for all ages. This time you need to guide or lovley Steve all the way back to home. Click at the right time and our Steve will jump from one platform to another. The platforms are spinning all the time so place your click at the right moment. Avoid obstacles on the way back home. 7 levels of fun is waiting for you. Start play and have fun!


Minecraft World Adventure is a fun and addictive online game for all ages. This time, you need to take Steve all the way home. Click at the right time, and our Steve jumps from platform to platform. The platform is always rotating, so please click at the right moment. Avoid obstacles on your way home. Seven levels of fun await you. Start playing and have fun!

Play for Minecraft's star character - Steve! This time, he tried to find his way home. However, Steve will need to navigate a number of tricky locations and challenges before he gets there. You are encouraged to control him and help the character deal with all the difficulties. Let him jump from platform to platform and get out of the way. The key is that platforms aren't static -- they move and rotate. This means you should choose the best time to act and jump! Seven levels of obstacles await you, so have fun and help the lovely Steve get home!

Enjoy Minecraft World online, a new Minecraft-style game. Gather blocks of different materials, a wide variety of food, get lots of wood, and be ready to use your beak and ax to hunt animals, and have a good time while facing dangerous enemies.

In this world full of cubes, you can create anything you want, the only limit is your imagination, we can cut the ground or stone by clicking the left button. When starting the game, we have to press "New World" to start a new world, but if you have already played the game, you can load your previous world in the "Load Game".

You can build or destroy rest assured in this infinite game world, you will also encounter enemies or (clans) who want to kill you, your life is above the heart in your inventory, when these hearts reach zero you will die, you will lose all your property but you can recover normal and continue in your world. Attack and collect cubes press left click eat press right-click press 1-9 to select items from your inventory press T to launch objects in your hand. Press the spacebar to jump, or press twice in a row to fly the world, eyes remember, there is falling damage, so do not disable the ability to fly when you are very high.

Create your house so that monsters are not a big problem for you, remember to eat regeneration life and take more blows, in your world will appear chest scattered land, with the left click open, a random object will appear, will help you survive, we also should not forget everyone's favorite enemy. If you get too close to it, it will explode. Keep your distance and you will be safe. Other enemies, we will have terrible ghosts, will make us explode if we do not avoid fireballs, they will roll out their mouths, and finally coated with mud, coated with mud will jump on you, because they are weak and not a very dangerous threat we said.

Collect a variety of materials, from wood to stone, so you can create your dream house. Kill sheep that you will encounter from time to time for food, break trees for apples, save whatever food you can. You also have to be careful with lava, because if you spend too much time on it, it can take a lot of life away. Water can also kill you, if you spend a lot of time in the sea, you can drown and your heart will start to drop until it reaches zero.

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