Monster Truck Race Arena

Monster Truck Race Arena

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Monster Truck Race Arena is a fun driving game where you control a monster truck bus though the arena!


The monster truck racing arena here! Monster Truck Racing Arena is a fun and exciting 3D racing game with Monster trucks! Drive monster trucks in a giant arena, be the first to cross the finish line and earn money to unlock new monster trucks. Speed up by activating nitroglycerin and jump the truck up the ramp! Four cars are waiting for you. Unlock all coins and you win the game!

Monster Truck Racing Arena - Amazing 2D monster truck racing game, drive a monster truck through the arena! Choose the best monster truck or buy a new truck and upgrade different parts and don't forget to choose different beautiful stickers. Win the race and become the best monster truck, driver.

Racing through dirt and stunt tracks, you smash cars with your monster truck. In every game, when you win, beat your opponent. Get rewards in every race and buy yourself a cute new monster truck. Use nitro to increase the speed of your monster trucks, allowing them to pass through your opponents while eating dust from your trucks. Prove yourself to be the best monster truck racer in town!

Monster Truck Racing Arena is one of our free car games. Monster Truck Racing Arena Games The top games in our monster Truck and racing games category are offered here on our website. Start your adventure and play car games for free while having the most 3D realistic arena truck racing game explosion. In the game, you must drive a heavily modified truck with 4x4 and nitro explosives along some epic and brutal tracks. Fire up those mighty giant truck engines and get the adrenaline pumping through your veins with the most daring ramps and jumps. Explore 16 unique and challenging levels while working to improve your driving skills from these online games to become the best monster truck, driver. Work on the first-place finish, be able to open up new more complicated, and tight monster truck tracks, and spend some money to buy better cars. Also, depending on the PC's capabilities, you can play games with highly detailed graphics. You can adjust the game on the game title screen in the upper right corner. Test all monster trucks, you can find them in the garage, there are 4 of them. The most expensive monster truck costs $15,000, so earn some money to test drive the most powerful 4-wheeled monster truck. Do your best, have fun, and if you like this Monster Truck game for kids, make sure you have one in our category with Monster Truck Game PS4 and play monster Truck Stunt Driving Simulator, 4X4 Off-road Monster Truck, and Monster Truck Driver. Good luck and have fun!

Finish in the first place and you will be able to buy better and some of the best vehicles as monster trucks! There are 16 levels for you to enjoy! Don't forget, you're also doing this to gain skills! Oh, and don't put your car upside down, don't let it explode or crash! So, are you ready to take responsibility? Anyway, there's always fun and good luck to play with! Here!

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