Mortal Cage Fighter

Mortal Cage Fighter

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Fight your way to victory in this street fighter game. Punch or kick to attack. Move backwards to block. Jump over your opponents to surprise them from the back. Once your power bar is full, execute special abilities unique to the character you choose. Best of 3 round wins. Can you be the king of fighters?


This is a very fun street fighting game in which you can fight your way to victory. In the game, you can kick and punch your opponent at will, and then back away from the enemy's counterattack. It's worth noting that when the power bar on the screen is fully filled, you can use the special features unique to character selection. Fight your way to victory in this street fighting game. To strike or kick. Back to the blocking position. Jump over your opponent and surprise them from behind.

This is a fighting game developed by MarketJS. Fight your way to victory in this street fighting game! Use your punches, kicks, jumps, and special attacks to drain your opponent's health bar. Choose one of the four warriors: Marshall, Paulson, Lee, and Keesha. Then choose your favorite maps such as back alleys, downtown, and metro. The next step is to perform the special abilities of your chosen character. Win at least two out of three rounds to win the tournament. Are you ready to be champ?

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