Mr Bullet Revenge

Mr Bullet Revenge

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The righteous killer John accepted the order from Shangfeng today to sneak into the world's largest gang organization and rescue the kidnapped female doctor Natasha. And destroy the entire gang. John set off without hesitation. Destroy the armed organizations and a group that came after them along the way. Seeing to reach the inside of the gang, an unexpected thing happened...


This game is a bullet catapult mobile game!
Using your brain in this unique puzzle game, you will need precise targets and laser focus to knock out enemies, ninjas and many other bad guys you will meet in the world!
Head to new lands, save hostages, and use unique weapons such as grenade launchers to fight your enemies and start your adventure immediately!
Your Mr. bullet is on a secret mission, players can use your deadly accuracy and accuracy to destroy the bad guys!
Whether spies, agents, zombies, woodcutters or aliens, they all try to rule the world, and only one master can destroy them and save the world. Whether you are a shooter or a puzzle game, Mr. Bullet is your challenge!
This is the best physical shooting game, this easy-to-learn and easy-to-play game will never miss a dreary moment, almost impossible to master, fight a notorious villain and become a legendary agent!
Start your mission and never stop shooting!
In this game, players only need to click on the screen to shoot, head shot scores double, head shot will be more fun, head shot has extra gold coins, this game has a limited number of bullets to test your shooting accuracy, flexible use of obstacles to bounce back to hit your target, physical rebound principle shooting operation is simple, adjust your shooting angle and direction to make your shooting more accurate.
Cartoon-style character scenes add interest to the game, allowing players to enjoy the game in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere!

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This shooting is very fun, there are a lot of places to use your brains, so that the bullet can hit the target mission, it's really great!

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