Music Line 3

Music Line 3

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Music Line 3 new version is shocking! Six theme music, day and night two difficulty modes! There are also hot and cool skins, including arrows, snowballs, fireballs, snakes and snakes. Increased the play of the collection, the higher the percentage of each pass, the higher the quality of the collected items. In addition, the game has increased the level of the position, the highest level of glory, welcome to challenge the Grand Slam!


Get ready for another few rounds of thrills in the third edition of this exciting online game series. Can you keep your points moving while zooming through a series of challenging paths? Be on the lookout for precious gems you can collect along the way.

How much fun is it to capture the most precious moments of the year in the rhythm of the blink of an eye? Let's music your soul to the beat of a pop song.
With Magic Tiles 3, you can play all types of music: pop, rap, a cappella, electronic dance music, jazz, instrumental. There are a thousand songs waiting for you. Let's explore more and find the rainbow in your heart.

Attractive, modern, and diverse musical genres to satisfy every musical taste! We have over 1,000 songs for you to conquer. The exquisite online mode connects countless players around the world. You can also invite your friends/enemies into a room and fight each other. Every week's competition has irresistible rewards. Band mode allows you to use additional instruments such as guitar, piano, and many more.

Click on the black tile, avoid the white tile, look forward to speeding up at every song level and get ready to try the most challenging piano game ever for free! In order to improve the performance of the game and provide a customized user experience based on your location, we request access to your storage and location. Become a real pianist now!

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