My Little Universe

My Little Universe

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Mine, craft and fight your way to make your own little planet!


It's the most addictive game of all time. By playing this game, you will have the opportunity to create your own universe. Nothing could be more exciting! You'll have a lot of fun in the process. It was really an exciting adventure. There are no restrictions of any kind. You can create a whole new world for yourself by mining different types of raw materials. You will also have the opportunity to participate in mining, logging, crafting, building, and building activities. Anyway, you do everything you can to create the perfect planet. As for the skill, it's easy for you to play this game. You don't have much to do. You just move the character in a certain direction. There will be many obstacles, including those monsters. The character will automatically collect the materials you need. As soon as your character gets close to something that can be collected, your character will start working. But your character will be attacked by all kinds of dangerous animals and enemies. So it's important that you stay vigilant. If your character is attacked by another animal, you need to start from scratch. It's a big world. You can't get bored with this game.

It's really fun to fight these enemies because on different maps you encounter completely different enemies. By eliminating all of these enemies, you will also receive a material reward. You can use these materials to build a whole new world. The whole process was like magic. It makes you feel like you are a real God with the power to create a whole new planet. You may be addicted to this game. You just can't resist the temptation to improve your tools. It's so exciting to fight primitive monsters. When you have a truly powerful weapon, you will no longer be afraid of these enemies. Admittedly, by exploring the world, you are only doing God's work with a pickaxe. Your character has a very strong arm and a lot of strength. But you can't do creative work in seven days. In fact, if you could finish the game in seven days, it would be very disappointing, because when you play it, you hold the world in your hands. If you are forced to stop within seven days, you will not be satisfied. In the beginning, your character was just a little orange guy on a rocket ship. Your character is in a desperate situation after his rocket ship is damaged in a tragic accident. Your character has no backup here. He is alone in this dark universe. But you'll find that your character is really brave. He depends on himself. He succeeded in creating a brilliant planet. Even though your character only has orange hands, he's really good at making things. It's fun to collect 15 different types of resources with your character. The entire resource collection process is time-consuming. So when you play this game, you have to be patient. If you wish, you can also watch commercials for some extra rewards. But it's not mandatory. You can gather resources bit by bit if you like.

You don't have to hurry. Because there is no time limit, you can slowly immerse yourself in this new world. There is absolutely no need to rush, but you must always be on your guard against those enemies. You can't let your character stay in the water too long. Otherwise, your character will be eaten by sharks. Also, when you and your character are mining diamonds underground, you have to be very vigilant because there is a sea of fire. If you are not careful, you will be pushed into the fire by the enemy. Of course, sometimes you will encounter huge enemies. It's really hard for you to destroy such a huge enemy. But you needn't worry. All you need to do is upgrade your weapons or try to find the ultimate weapon against this enemy. After you have destroyed this enemy, you will win the chance to continue your adventure. With your infinite wisdom, you will eventually create a beautiful paradise bathed in your divine mercy. As the game progresses, you'll also be allowed to unlock different weapons. Each time you successfully unlock a new weapon or upgrade your current weapon, you will feel more powerful and enjoy the game more. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to try out weapons like hammers, tridents, powerful pickaxes, and other amazing weapons. The powerful pickaxe is a great weapon because you can use it against monsters; Pickaxes are also very useful for splitting rock, mining minerals, and mining shiny gold. If you can successfully upgrade your pickaxe to maximum, you will have successfully increased your sacred productivity and harvested more resources in a very short time. If you cannot gather enough raw materials and resources, your construction work will be stopped. Therefore, it is imperative that you accumulate sufficient resources before you continue to take risks. When you play this game, you should know that you are not just mechanically digging up or digging up resources, you are actually building a whole new world and civilization. Of course, fighting these naysayers is a terrible thing. But you must believe in yourself that no man or creature can stop you or keep you from fulfilling your sacred cause. Sometimes, you will encounter very fierce enemies. But fighting these monsters is a lot of fun. The reason is that you will encounter a variety of enemies. There are eight types of enemies you can fight, including abominable snowmen, unfriendly ants, aliens, and more. It's really interesting when you kill an alien because the alien is made of bones and turns into bone. You can collect bones to continue your adventure.

Finally, the overall atmosphere of the game is very relaxed. You don't have to think hard. You just need to gather as many resources as you can to empower your character. As long as your character is strong enough, you will succeed in destroying all opponents. Once you have a really powerful weapon, you can easily collect resources and destroy all monsters. It's a great game with a great idea. The graphics are simple but attractive. Now is the perfect time to write your own creation myth. You can turn this barren promontory into a beautiful and vibrant planet that will make you proud to own it. Now you can dig, hack, chisel, pound, mine and work your way to the grace of God. Eventually, you'll create your own magnificent universe!

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