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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

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A Pokémon game is coming to smartphones!


This is a brand new Pokemon game. If you like Pokemon games, you should definitely try this one out, as it includes many new puzzles. You'll have a golden chance to fight lots of cute Pokemon. You will also be happy when you solve problems. As for the skill, it's easy for you to play this game. You only need to line up 3 or more Pokemon vertically or horizontally against one wild Pokemon. If you can complete the puzzle, you will win the final victory. Your reward is this cute Pokemon. Eventually, you'll have an array of cute Pokemon characters. But you should pay attention to the rest of the steps. You will see that there are only a limited number of steps available. So you need to finish the puzzle before running out of steps. Otherwise, you need to start all over again and you will lose a heart. If you lose all of your hearts, you have to wait a long time to get another heart to continue the game. But the overall mood of the game is very relaxed. You needn't worry. In fact, the game is simpler than a typical match-3 game. Because when you play a traditional match-3 game, you can only move tiles next to certain tiles. But in this game, you can drag tiles far and wide. So it's easier for you to play.

However, you should not underestimate the difficulty of this game. The initial level was very simple. There is also a very thoughtful tutorial. You will be told what to do next. But after playing for a while, you find things become more challenging. It's hard to complete a level. So never let your guard down. What's exciting is that each Pokemon character has a special skill. So every time you successfully unlock a new Pokemon character, you feel very excited. You just want to keep beating Pokemon character after Pokemon character. Once you have a bunch of cute Pokemon dolls, you will feel very happy and satisfied. You just want to know what Pokemon character you'll meet in the next level. And the most amazing thing is to improve your body. You will have the opportunity to complete many stages and collect many Pokemon characters. This game is suitable for both beginners and veterans. If you are a parent, you can also play this game with your children. When you play this game together, you will have a lot of fun. But you will face different challenges at different levels. So you can't get bored of this game any time soon. When you're bored or have nothing to do, you can have a good time with these lovely characters. You can select Pokemon combinations before starting a specific battle. Your ultimate goal is to inflict maximum damage on the target Pokemon. These combinations can be done automatically. So there's no need for you to worry. But that doesn't mean you can mechanically move these Pokemon characters around and mix them up blindly.

In fact, the game also involves strategy. If you're an expert, you'll also find this game fascinating. So the game appeals to everyone from beginners to experts. There are three stages in the game: the main stage, the Expert stage, and the Special Stage. In many states, you will encounter levels that contain many interesting puzzles. You need to defeat the Pokemon to unlock the next level. This stage is easier. But the expert stage is more challenging because each level has a time limit. You need more S rank to unlock a puzzle. It will be best for you to win as many S rankings as possible. Of course, if you're an expert, you'll have more leftover moves. The more movement and time you have, the higher your level. During the special phase, you will have a time limit. But in each level, the time limit is different. This time limit is subject to constant change. Some of the Pokemon in particular levels are very rare, so you shouldn't miss the golden opportunity to catch all of them.

The game also features Mega Stones. You can be rewarded with Mega Stones by completing the boss stage at the end of each area. You can also win many Mega Stones in special stages. The little candy you get for winning a special phase makes your Pokemon evolve faster. Mega Speedup can give your Pokemon characters special boots. Finally, each Pokemon character has its own special ability. For example, if some Pokemon character shows up in a 4 player match, it gets extra damage. Some Pokemon characters can do maximum damage to their targets by fighting alone. On top of that, we add new Pokemon on a regular basis. So this is a game you would play for a month, or even permanently. Whenever you have free time, you can have fun with these cute Pokemon. However, if you are a Pokemon fan, you will have a very interesting gaming experience. The quality of the music is also high. Most importantly, you'll enjoy a visual feast on these cute Pokemon characters. When you solve the puzzles and look at all the cute Pokemon characters, you feel like you're really in the Pokemon world and you just want to stay there forever. It's also a great game to play with your friends and see who can collect more Pokemon characters in a limited amount of time. You are likely to become addicted to the game. You just can't resist unlocking all the Pokemon characters. Having new Pokemon characters fight for you feels great. But you should stay focused. Otherwise, you'll lose all your hearts and you'll have to wait a long time to get new hearts and continue your Pokemon adventure.

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