Pou Online

Pou Online

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Do you have what it takes to take care of your very own alien pet? Feed and take care of Pou.


Pou Online is a fun virtual pet game where you will have to take care of this cute little character. This free online game will let you manage a cute creature, which means you have to feed it, bathe it occasionally, take it to bed at night, and even hang out.

Try collecting coins to buy food, or your new pet will start to get hungry. Be careful not to stuff it with fast food, or you'll get fat! To go out and play jump, your pet must jump from platform to platform without falling. Have fun, play this free online game!

Pou Online Little Pou needs someone who can help him, take care of him, and be able to reach his adult life, everything he needs at Pou Online to have fun with this new game, puzzles and imagination are important.

With this ingenious game, are you likely to have an alien pet and everything you need to care for yourself? Feed and care for Pou.

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