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The most beloved of all fairy tales, Cinderella is not just a story anymore! It has now become a perfect way to train cognitive processes in your girl while at the same time she can have so much fun! Cinderella girl games for 10-year-olds and under are a beautiful way for a young lady to improve her memory and spatial intelligence as well as reading and comprehension abilities.


Hello, princess game lovers. Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a beautiful castle, but it was a modern castle, and your favorite princess went shopping at the mall. She wants to buy something new and needs your help.
This is the beginning of the story of the princess game, of course, you will be happy to go shopping with the princess! You have to be very careful what she wants every time, choosing the perfect dress or cute purse for the beautiful princess, because if you don't get the right thing, she will be very sad! Make sure your wallet matches your clothes.

The next story is about shoes because the princess wanted to buy one of the most beautiful shoes from the mall. You're her best friend, so find her favorite pair of shoes at the mall. And don't forget the accessories. The princess wants them, too.

At the end of the game, you and the princess will pay for everything you bought at the mall, and the story will have a happy ending! The theme of Princess Games Mall's story is the colorful dress of the Princess. A nice purse to go with a dress. Beautiful shoes and accessories a princess will love.

Simple gameplay. An interesting story, you can play the princess game in the mall. Princess Game, Mall Story is a great shopping game for girls and will be your favorite Princess Mall game. We've found it easier to play girl games, we hope you'll like Princess Games, Mall Story Games, and ratings, so we'll know if you like Princess Story games!

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