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Real Boxing 2

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Take fighting to the next round in Real Boxing 2 — A KO on Fighting games!


Time to clock in! If you like boxing, you can't miss this fight. You deserve a good fight. Even if you have no boxing experience, there is no need to worry. Because at the beginning of each section, you will have a golden opportunity to complete a training course. After you finish the training session, you will know how to beat your opponent. It is very important to form your own character when you play this game. You don't have to follow another player's fighting style. There is a very interesting story behind each character and each mission. So when you play the game, it's a character-building process. In early fights, you can learn some basic boxing skills. But soon you'll be asked to put in some real effort against your opponent. Importantly, the controls are intuitive and the character's gestures are quite realistic. You can swipe your fingers up for an uppercut, or down for a body punch. If you keep tapping on your screen, you can release the jab to weaken your opponent. If you want to win the final victory, you must find the weakness of your opponent. Once you find the witness, you can easily win the final victory.

When you fight your opponent, you will see two meters. The first is about your health, while the other will determine your endurance. So if your endurance is too low, you won't be able to punch very effectively. Boxing is more about strategy than power. You need to confront your opponent in a fairly strategic way. Specifically, there are times when you need to apply defensive methods, but there are times when you need to keep attacking. You have to play defense from time to time because you need time to recharge your character. As you can see, timing is everything. You have to make sure that when your opponent lets his guard down, you hit him hard. In addition to gestures, you can also turn to on-screen buttons. You can restore your stamina while preventing your opponent from counterattacking. Using buttons makes it easier to dodge attacks. The most impressive feature of the game is its special attack button, which increases strength by going crazy as you deliver a series of blows. Even a moment of madness feels great. So knowing the best time to attack is crucial. You must adopt a tactical policy when dealing with your opponent. It's natural to feel down from time to time, especially when you're beaten. In moments like these, you can't even resist the temptation to break your grip. But sometimes you can take the gentle approach and enjoy life.

In addition to the main mission, the game also includes many mini-games. It's really exciting to play in these mini-games. It's pretty easy for you to complete all of these mini-games. That is, as long as you can tap at the right time, you will win by improving your boxer's stats. After you improve your boxer's ability and combat effectiveness, you can easily complete all the small tasks. Customization options are also great. You can unlock new items, including clothes and skins. In addition, you can upgrade the gears. These options aren't trendy, but they can give you a whole new experience. You have to be patient when you play this game because you don't have a very rich energy system. You must defeat at least three opponents to have a full energy bar. Your energy bar needs time to heal. But if you want, you can use premium currency to boost your energy bar or watch some ads to get full power. None of this is mandatory in any case. You can replenish your energy bar by patiently fighting more battles. Obviously, this is the funniest fight in boxing. So if you like boxing games, you can't miss this amazing and informative boxing game. This game will keep you addicted for a long time. By playing this game, you will learn about the spirit of boxing and the art of perfect timing.

So what are you waiting for? It's time for you to be the ultimate boxer. Now it's time to unleash hooks, pokes, top cuts, and even a combination of all these attacks to deliver devastating blows. Attention is very important when you play this game. If you can stick to it, you will have a very satisfying boxing experience. If you play well enough, you can beat all your opponents. In the end, you'll win awesome gear and plenty of rewards. But there is a time limit. So you have to beat your opponent before time runs out. Sometimes, you get frustrated, especially when you play against a very challenging opponent. But you will love the unique style of this game. Even if you fail, you just want to try one more round. It also makes you feel so excited to unlock new boxing abilities to level up. When you see your fighters become stronger and stronger, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction. The boxing game is actually high quality. You can also see details, including your character's nose shape, body mass, and muscle sculpture. So this game will give you a very real boxing experience. You're gonna love all this violence. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to win all the prizes. You can climb very high on the leaderboard. It's your boxing time. You can put everything else behind you and show your true boxing prowess. When you successfully beat your opponent, you will be proud of yourself. Last but not least, this game will give you a very real boxing experience without getting hurt. So you can throw your fist freely without fear of bodily harm!

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