Red Hero Ball 4

Red Hero Ball 4

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Red Hero 4 is old classic bouncing ball plat-former game similar to Rolling Ball Games. The mission is to jump on tap and roll bounce through 50 unique, adventures and challenging levels to get you’re bouncing Red Hero 4. Avoid from obstacles kill enemies by hitting him is this bouncing and rolling classic platform game . Slide to avoid from falling into tricky traps. Solve some puzzle jump on wooden box slide on green forest collect coin and save the Red Hero 4 in world of adventures. You will really enjoy the 4 different worlds with 4 boss fighting levels. This game is very smooth to play, easy to jump and dangerously addictive game-play combined with high-quality graphics old classic plat-former game. Bouncing and rolling through physics base logical points surf Exciting, unique and difficult level to become master. This is one of the best arcades bouncing ball game. The game-play is so simple, addictive and the puzzles are very challenging that you may not be able to put the smart phone down. Dynamic, physics based unique puzzles levels will have you bouncing, rolling and jumping for full day and hour. Tap to bounce, jump and roll the Red Hero 4 pass through the dangerous world of super jungle hero full of adventure. Start your rolling ball journey with the Red Hero 4 and enter to colorful world of adventure along with This game has a strong plat forming establishment, unique ideas, challenging puzzles and loads of cool & adventures level ideas. Slide to Play, Roll to Jump, Bounce to Move in Classic Physic Base Challenging and fun levels full of adventure. An exciting twist on the classic ball bouncing game, involving a super best combination of jumping, rolling, sliding and bouncing to complete the realistic physics based 2D challenges and boss fighting levels. Red Hero 4 bounce roll jump slide games, ball games, those who love and like Arcade style games we recommend trying definitely. The player controls a red bouncing ball through 50 unique and exciting levels. He has to avoid obstacles, enemies and collect all the coin to get to complete level. This game consist of exciting physics based elements with logic base points and tricky traps for incredibly excellent and addictive game. These game along with red bossy ball blue ball is full of fun and challenging to play for all ages.


This game is an ancient classic bouncing ball platform game similar to a rolling ball game. The task is to jump in 50 unique adventures and challenging levels, and roll and bounce to make you bounce! Avoid obstacles and kill enemies by hitting them. It is this classic platform game of bouncing and rolling. Slide to avoid falling into tricky traps. Solve some puzzle jumps to collect coins on the wooden box slide in the green forest Save the Red Hero 4 in the adventure world, you will truly enjoy 4 boss battle levels in 4 different worlds. This game is smooth to play, easy to jump, and dangerously addictive, combined with high-quality graphics and old classic platform games!

Bouncing and rolling surfing through logical points based on physics is exciting, unique, and difficult levels to become a master, this is one of the best arcade bouncing ball games. The gameplay is very simple and addictive. The puzzles are very challenging. The dynamic, physics-based unique puzzle levels will allow you to bounce, roll and jump all day and hour!
Tap to bounce, jump and roll, traveling through the dangerous world full of adventurous super jungle heroes. Start your rolling ball journey with this game and enter the colorful adventure world. This game has powerful platform construction, unique ideas, challenging puzzles, and a lot of cool adventure-level ideas. Swipe to play, scroll to jump, bounce, and move in adventure-filled classic physics-based challenges, and fun levels!
An exciting turn of the classic ball bounce game, involving the best combination of jumping, rolling, sliding, and bounce to complete 2D challenges based on realistic physics, and Boss fighting levels, bounce and roll slide games, ball games, like arcades Friends of style games must try it! The player controls the red bouncing ball through 50 unique and exciting levels. He must avoid obstacles, enemies and collect all coins to complete the level! In these incredibly good and addictive games, rescue the pink moon green forests and hills, caves, and planets.

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