Stick Man Hook

Stick Man Hook

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Tap to hook and make incredible jumps to avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. Can you execute all these acrobatic tricks in a row like a boss. Hold Space or Left Mouse Button to swing the rope.


This is a physical type of arcade to break through the mobile game.
Players need to keep an eye on the opportunity, click on the screen to control the match man, use the rope to sway and jump to reach the end of the checkpoint.
The game is easy to use, the level is rich, interested players can download the experience!
A simple but addictive arcade game in which match controllers use hooks and ropes to avoid every obstacle and reach the finish line.
How many levels can you pass?
Simple graphics and relaxed music, unique and addictive way of playing, easy to use, but difficult to master, a large number of well-designed challenge levels, no need for the network to play anytime and anywhere, very fun arcade games, simple and challenging, players need to use rope mechanisms to control matchmakers to sway and jump, choosing the right time is very important and addictive to play!
Stickman Hook game is a very good series of casual games, players can see the amazing arm strength of match people, carefully control the match people continue to shake and jump to another grab hook out, carefully avoid obstacles, properly let go, like can download Stickman Hook game experience!
See how far you can play!
Click on the hook and make an incredible jump; avoid every obstacle on the road.
Can you perform all these acrobatic skills continuously like your boss?
Press your screen, hook your match man with your hook and let go. To win, you must control your hook.
The faster you walk, the more amazing your skills will be.
Get stronger in Stickman Hook and try to complete all levels!
Can you meet this challenge?
To do this, all you have to do is build your muscles, click on the hook and make an incredible jump, press your screen, hook your match man with your hook and let go, avoid every obstacle that stands in your way from hook to hook to swing through all levels, thanks to the bumper and your hook, perform acrobatic skills, and show your boss friends!
Do you think you can do better than spiders?
Prove it to me!
The faster you walk, the more amazing your skill will be. Why is the match hook so perfect?
Because you can swing like a spider in this game, because your match man dances at the end of each game, because there is a grab hook.
Stickman hook Chinese version is a particularly interesting action adventure mobile phone game, stickman hook Chinese version takes you into the new fancy running cool method, with the ultimate operation, click and jump at different points, wayward switching from a variety of sour.
The match Man in the Chinese version of stickman hook is similar to Spider-Man, perfect jumping, constantly relaxing and challenging, swinging at the fingertips, reaching the limit of success.
The overall painting style of this game is relatively simple, click the hook can release enough to earn enough to catch matches, with the hook to pass through all levels, rich levels of constant challenges, according to the obstacles ahead, all kinds of obstacles will appear here, oh, the faster you move forward, the more amazing your skills will be, beyond your unimaginable heights and difficulties.
In the Chinese version of stickman hook, there are more skin to choose from, relaxed and cheerful background music and sound effects, bring players your immersive game experience, this game has a simple and easy to use, you can come anytime and anywhere!
The operation of this game is simple, click on the flying hook and make an incredible jump, press your screen, hook your match man with your grab hook and let go, avoid every obstacle that stands in your way, swing from hook to another hook, through all levels, the game has a fresh sense of painting, a unique visual impact, a clear display of various details at a glance, through all levels, the game is easy to operate, click on the flying hook and make an incredible jump, press your screen, hook your match man with your grip and release it, avoiding every obstacle that stands in your way, swinging from hook to hook at all levels.
With the rhythm of the rhythm, accompanied by music, the operation will appear more sense, horizontal version of the operation, with the combination of virtual keyboard, fast combination, in the wayward switch, to achieve impeccable pleasure!

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Play a lot of hurdles in one breath, very interesting, but may not be suitable for stupid people like me, the brain can not keep up with, hehe.



It's fun, and there are a lot of patterns, but there are still some difficulties that are more playable!



Very interesting Mini Game collection, only tried more than a dozen Mini Game, although I play poorly but does not prevent me from playing high reviews, killing time is a very suitable game, the painting style is also very good.



Interesting Mini Game, I love, hey, killing boring time, is also very good, oh, my game skills are not very good, but when I encounter an interesting Mini Game, I will not let it go!



Color tone painting style is very comfortable, the game content is also very interesting, I do not know whether there is a little delay or I respond slowly, feeling sometimes a little bit insensitive.



This is a very interesting game, with a lot of ways to play, but for the disabled players are very unfriendly, to put it simply, I am very satisfied with the whole survival.



This game is actually very playable, and the level content is very rich, but the difficulty is different, so it is suitable for leisure and entertainment when it is boring.



Although the way to play the game is simple, it is not so easy to play well, and there are many places that test responsiveness, finger dexterity, and a sense of accuracy.



It's fun to feel, you can kill time when you're bored, but it's really masochistic, the hands are not very friendly, and the interface style is also good, very interesting, very interesting.



Is like the painting style, simply do not be too cute, games love, leisure and entertainment is great, whenever you want to play.



when ever im bored the first thing that pops in my head is this game

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