Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Care

Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Care

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Have you ever wanted to take care of a puppy? Now you can, by helping Strawberry Shortcake pamper her friends’ precious pups! Groom them, play games, dress them up, have berry fun photo shoots, and feed them all kinds of careful treats to keep them HAPPY all day long!


This is a developed game, in which players need to wash the characters for each dog in the game, dress them up clean, decorate the spa, use shampoo, and apply them to pets. Rinse and dry from beginning to end!
The game has a variety of costumes, a variety of mixed accessories, so as to create a lovely combination!
You can take pictures, select backgrounds, add friends and take pictures!
There are all kinds of toys in the game, which is really a fun and interesting interactive game!
Players in the game, you can also feed lovely pets, you can feed them dim sum with berries, and then click to eat!
I hope this game meets your puppy's wishes and makes them happy!

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It's fun, the picture is good, new players, I like this kind of game.



This is soo fun

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