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Endless running games have never been this addictive and fun with Imposter Runner 3D. In this free runner adventure game, you are trapped inside a metro station and you need to dash as fast as possible and try to dodge the oncoming trains if you wish to run a longer distance and improve your high score. Are you the imposter among us? Well, you are running from the grumpy policeman and he won’t stop chasing you. While you are all alone in this addictive adventure runner game, there are multiple different power-ups and boosters that can help you collect more coins, run further, and have more fun. What else? Well, there is a lot to discover. Download Imposter Runner 3D for free on your Android device, jump into the metro station and have fun dashing, running, dodging, and avoid hitting the obstacles, trains, or getting caught by the policeman. An endless runner 3D game to have fun and find the imposter among us! Imposter Runner 3D, the addictive runner and jumper with 3D graphics, is all about dodging the oncoming trains and trying not to hit the obstacles and barriers. The one-finger gameplay allows you to swipe, jump or slide quickly. The endless gameplay, along with amazing challenges and smooth animations, make sure you never get bored of playing this runner 3D game. Don’t forget to collect the coins and power-ups, as they give you more power and help you survive longer in this endless adventure. Why don’t you give this free runner and jumper 3D game a try? No matter you are looking for an endless runner game to kill some time in your spare time, or you are looking for an addictive adventure game with fast-paced gameplay to improve your concentration skills, we’ve got you covered. If you are also a fan of the popular among us game and want to try the imposter character in yet another game, we’ve got you covered too. Imposter Runner 3D is totally available to play for free, and the time-killer gameplay makes sure you never noticed the time while trying to beat your high score. Imposter Runner 3D main features at a glance: ● Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface ● Amazing 3D graphics with smooth animations ● Endless runner and jumper adventure ● Multiple boosters and power-up to collect ● Avoid hitting obstacles and barriers and never get caught by the policeman ● Dash and dodge and try to survive longer ● Fast-paced gameplay to improve concentration skills ● Free to play So, Imposter Runner 3D delivers everything you should expect from such surf and run games, and it even sets the bar higher by offering 3D graphics and the option to use the popular imposter character from the among us game. The gameplay is as simple as swiping to turn and jumping and sliding to dash and dodge the oncoming trains and avoid hitting the obstacles and barriers. Download Imposter Runner 3D for free on your Android phone or tablet, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.


In Sham Sprinter 3D, the forever-running race has never had such habit and fun.
In this free sprint experience game, you're stuck in a subway station and you need to run as fast as you can and try to escape an approaching train that you're hoping to run for a long solitary chance to improve your high score. It's safe to say you're the liar in our midst? In fact, you're running from a grumpy cop who won't stop hunting you. When you're isolated in this habit-forming sprint, there are all sorts of catalysts and supporters that can help you collect more coins, run farther, and have fun. What else? Overall, there's a lot to find.
An interminable sprint 3D game that has a nice time and finds pretenders in our midst! Sham Sprinter 3D is a habitual Sprinter and jumper with a 3D design whose goal is to avoid approaching trains and try not to hit obstacles and boundaries.
A finger's constant interaction allows you to swipe, bounce or slide quickly. The endless interaction, as well as the breathtakingly difficult and smooth vividness, ensure you'll never tire out from playing this sprint 3D game.
Remember to collect coins and catalysts as they give you more power and help you endure this endless experience. Why not give this free sprint and jump shot 3D game a try?

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