Super Drag

Super Drag

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Super Drag is a racing game. Use transmissions to change gear and beat your opponent. Win all race and become drag king. Good luck


A racing game. Use transfer to change gears and defeat your opponents. Win all competitions and become drag king. 10 different cars and very fast trucks, just drugs, and fun. Good luck!

A fun skill and speed game, but also a strategy game where you need to adjust and improve your car to have better performance. Many items and tools are available to upgrade your car. You can also decide to buy a new car with more power and speed.

In this speed-racing game, your only mission is to upgrade your car, race a quarter-mile speed-racing race against an AI opponent, and earn money to upgrade the car faster and better. The player can choose the car at the beginning of the game. There are five different sports cars. Players can adjust the car, such as buying better engines, tires, transmissions, etc. Players can also paint their cars in different colors. Buying better parts also makes it harder for ai opponents. So can you be the king of the street and drive in under 5 seconds?
Steam achievements, 3 different track areas, garages, can modify, adjust and paint your car, 5 different cars to choose from, make money in the race, better upgrade the car.

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