Super RunCraft

Super RunCraft

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Super RunCraft is a wonderful 3D Run Game, run through a long minecraft land to collect rows of golden coins, number of special items such as Hoveboard along your running lane and avoid the obstacles in your way. The classic style endless running game that always gives you a big fantastic mincraf fun.


There are lots of gold coins in this forest! How many can you collect in Super RunCraft? Team up with someone who likes to play pixel games. He was determined to catch as many of them as he could, but there were many obstacles in his way. You'll need to help him dodge trees and slide under spiky obstacles as he tries to cover as much ground as possible.
Super RunCraft is a 3D running game featuring vintage graphics inspired by the Minecraft world. Join an intrepid runner who runs through the forest in search of tons of gold coins. It's time to run in a pixelated world and fill your days with the fun of the best Minecraft games on your favorite mobile device, tablet, or in the comfort of your desktop computer.
Your character to explore with small square pixels, and the personalized world but this time you have to control the height of the characters must be run on a platform, but be careful, it is not so easy as you think you will find many obstacles on the way, dangerous goods, but you can also collect COINS, let you have the opportunity to buy new clothes for your character.
This new game has style and graphic features like Minecraft, like characters, landscapes, but it also has a way like the classic Temple Runner games, which makes the game very fun and entertaining, don't forget, have fun.
It's easy to move, jump, or slide objects around with the arrows on the keyboard, or touch and swipe on the touch screen.

Super RunCraft is a great 3D running voxel game! Run and explore in the pixelated world of mine craft, collecting rows of coins and quantities of special items such as floating boards along roads. Along the way, you will find many obstacles that must be avoided. Be careful and continue to collect coins so that you can use them to upgrade your character to new clothes. Enjoy this classic style endless run game that always gives you a huge fantastic mine craft fun, play, and enjoy it!

Super RunCraft is waiting for your craziest run ever! In a 3D pixel world, you have to run as fast as you can without encountering any obstacles. Help your Minecraft character complete his run safely and win. Collect gems along the way and be ready for extra boosters in dangerous obstacles. Don't let this fun world fool you, because this game will drive you crazy! Now, if you're ready, start running.

Your main goal is to move as quickly as possible without any obstacles. You will see different objects on the road that you should avoid like rocks, trees, and many others. Use the left and right arrows to move, the up arrow to jump, and the down arrow to slide. To play this game, you need to be very good at timing. When you are so close to an obstacle, use the arrows to jump and slide. If not, you will fail because your jumping and gliding time is limited. Look at your score on the left side of the screen. On the right, you can see the gems you've earned in the game. If you want to change the default character appearance, you can use them to purchase a new character appearance. You can view the final result board. When you die, you restart the game, but your revenue remains the same. Good luck and enjoy your run!

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