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Tap Among Us

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Tap Among Us is an educational memory game. Try to remember the location of the traitors and find them. To start playing, tap the screen. Several Amongs will appear on the playing field. For a few seconds it will appear where the gray traitor with a knife is located. Remember the location of the stranger so that when he takes the form of an astronaut, you can find him. A few seconds are given to complete the task. Hurry up to find the enemy before the timer line at the bottom runs out. With each level, more and more astronauts will be added to the field. You'll have to memorize 4,5,6 characters. This kind of exercise will be an excellent exercise for developing memory. Choose upgrades between the levels of the game: extra time to memorize, extra time to choose, extra life and so on.


Find impostors in this fun online themed game. Remember the impostor's location and click on them to complete each level. Upgrade your life or make changes to help you complete all levels. Keep clicking on the impostors as you try to unlock all of the game's achievements.

Tap Among Us is a fun memory game version of the popular game Among Us, in which you have to remember who the killer is. You can play this game online for free! Watch carefully which small character holds the knife, and once they flip, try to remember them all.

With every level you pass, you can choose an upgrade so you have more time to observe who the killer is, extra lives, extra errors, or extra time to click on the killer. Don't think you don't need these helpful upgrades, because once you see a screen with more than 50 possible killers, it becomes very difficult. Have fun!

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