Tiger Run

Tiger Run

2.2k+ play



Very exciting and interesting tiger parkour game, as fun as subway parkour


This is a big escape type of action leisure game, but the game screen is simple, only need to help us run out of the Bengal tiger on the three runways or avoid or jump out of the obstacles, escape from the claws of those poachers, simple operation, fine picture, if you feel that Temple Run is too difficult to protect our endangered animals.
In this game, the protagonist of the game is our tiger, tiger run!
Players in the game, need to help the Bengal tiger escape the safari park jeep poachers, see how far it can run!
In the game, swipe to turn around, cross obstacles and collect pieces of meat to buy high-power UPS and unlock new characters!
I believe these roles will make you like it!
This game has a very clear and vivid picture, the protagonist of this game, a very cool Bengal tiger, for you to save, the game has Sharp high-definition 3D graphics, as well as vivid colors, players in this game, you can one-stop experience of the African jungle experience in real life, in the critical moment, chasing the pleasure package, as fast as lightning card control, challenge your friends.
And beat their scores!
In this game, you will test your skills to save one of the world's most endangered species!
A Bengal tiger accidentally landed in the African jungle, yes, it is far from home, but at least this is its worry, because at present, there are already a bunch of bad butt poachers who have smelled it and chased it with a wild jeep to try to catch it. Now, it can help beasts in trouble and escape evil guys, but this road is not a smooth road!
There are many obstacles-low branches, barbed wire, rocks and engineering, players need to manipulate the Bengal tiger in all obstacles and help it get over the obstacles and unassailable!
The playability of this game is simple, with similar principles to other parkour games, players in the game, click jump, double-click double-click to jump, kill the enemy to kill them, reach the end of each level, good jungle running and jumping adventure, a challenging level, so that players can take risks alone, play for free, and quickly start the adventure of running tigers!
In the course of the game, don't forget to feed the meat to the tiger, the more you collect, the better, because they can help you maintain animal energy and unlock new or even cooler characters!
This is a great jungle tiger running and jumping game!
Run, run and run will go at full speed when you control the wild tiger!
Walking through the jungle in this simple and fun adventure, this game is easy to play. I'm sure your child will love it!

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After experiencing a wave, the overall fresh painting style is good, the characters are cute and cute, and the game is as easy to manipulate as subway parkour.



The operation is not flexible, the feel is not very good, and other aspects are good.



Like the skills of the game characters, the operation is simple and gorgeous! I hope I can play at any time, so I can play with my friends!



It's great, it's innovative, I like the system inside, come on!



The optimization is obvious after the update! Load is super smooth! I hope I can go farther and farther along this road.



Very good game, I believe that after perfection is a very popular game, the interface is beautiful, the design is humanized.



If nothing else, at least it's fun to play, but sometimes there are obvious stutters, and the optimization needs to be improved.



If nothing else, at least it's fun to play, but sometimes there are obvious stutters, and the optimization needs to be improved.



This game is so cool. I'm usually too tired at work. I just play this after work. Have to say, this game is very good, I like to run cool games, all want to play.



You can kill a few hours, which is excellent for this kind of game.



Great great great game

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